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    Employee Spotlight: Behind the Scenes

    Employee Spotlight: Behind the Scenes is meant to give readers a glimpse behind the scenes in Queensbury schools. It expands on the mission of the original Employee Spotlight, which in the past helped employees, parents, students and other community members develop a more personal connection with the men and women who make this a special place to learn and work.

    Behind the Scenes in the Technology Department

    Dan Kenney stands in front of wires “My job is never boring,” says Dan Kenney of the Technology Department in Queensbury Union Free School District.
    The evolution of technology in education keeps him on his toes. “Every time we buy new tools, like with the Chromebooks, I have to get into them, see how they’re put together and anticipate what parts will need replacing or what could go wrong,” he explains.
    Kenney, who has been with the department since 2011, says the first few weeks of the school year keep them very busy, but he is always fixing something. “The job itself has just evolved over time,” he says. “When I first started we just had teacher desktops; it wasn’t nearly what it is now.”
    The department is responsible for keeping about 4,500 devices up and running. They also deal with switches, wires and access points, among other things. “We basically are the catch all for technology, so I deal with a bit of everything.”
    Whether he is manning a helpdesk for students or employees, fixing hardware or tucked away in his basement office working on incoming gadgets, Kenney says the challenge of keeping up keeps him going.
    “Most of the time, you tell me the problem you’re having and I know the answer. Once in awhile someone will throw a stumper at me, and it will take me a day or two to figure out what’s going on,” he says chuckling. “I like the aspect of it not always being tedium or repetition. Sometimes I get a curve ball thrown at me!”
    Admittedly, Kenney says he doesn’t always have a solution to someone’s tech issue, but says he is happy to help if he can. “My speciality is 'nuts and bolts,' the hardware.”
    “We have a good crew here," says Kenney, who speaks highly of his co-workers in technology. “There isn’t any way we would be able to manage what we do if we didn’t get along so well.”