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    Queensbury Board of Education Members

    The Queensbury Board of Education at the Class of 2016 graduation ceremony
    Jill Borgos, Ph.D.,
    President (2020)
    Kathleen Holser,
    Vice President (2021) 
    The members pictured above, from left to right, are Timothy Weaver, Daniel Mannix, Patricia Belden, Kathleen Holser, Joseph Scriver, Stacy Flaherty, Michael Shea and Jill Borgos. The year that each Board of Education member's term expires is noted in parentheses after his or her name.

    The Board of Education president and spokesperson is Dr. Jill Borgos. To contact Dr. Borgos, please email her at or call 824-5602. 

    Responsibilities of the Board

    The Board is responsible for the scope, depth and quality of education in the school district. As the official policy-making body of the school district, the Board:

    • defines the philosophy of the district
    • establishes policies for the operation of the district
    • determines educational goals and standards
    • authorizes curriculum revision or development
    • evaluates program effectiveness
    • employs professional educators, upon the Superintendent's recommendation
    • develops budget recognizing educational needs and community resources
    • communicates educational programs and needs to the community